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About the Oregon Mandolin Orchestra and its Mission

The Oregon Mandolin Orchestra was founded by Elizabeth and Brian Oberlin in an effort to revive the beauty and popularity of the traditional mandolin orchestra, which was mainstream in the United States around the turn of the 20th Century. At that time, the mandolin orchestras were highly popular throughout the United States with most cities and high schools having their own.


Oregon Mandolin Orchestra Live 2010 -- CD

In December of 2010, the Orchestra released its first CD, Oregon Mandolin Orchestra Live 2010. The album is a compilation of live recordings from the first season of concerts (April 9th, June 25th, and September 24th performances at the Walters Cultural Arts Center) and includes tunes played by duo bass+mandolin (, Brian Oberlin on mandolin and Josh Feinberg on bass, as well as several songs conducted by guest conductor Allan Halbert of the Starlight Symphony. The music is a delightful mix, spanning the ages and genres from classics by J.S. Bach and Vivaldi to Italian folk music to show tunes to jazz, and includes a stunningly beautiful rendition of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings that will make any mandolinist proud. The CD is available on CDBaby.


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Brian Oberlin, Music DirectorBrian Oberlin, Music Director
Brian brings with him many years of experience as a professional musician, composer, instructor, and now conductor. He has toured the U.S., performing with several different ensembles, and has taught thousands of students to play mandolin. Brian's perspective on music, composing, performing, and teaching is always fresh and full of energy. If you are interested in performing with the Oregon Mandolin Orchestra, contact Brian at .

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